CR Lexi Final

The girls are on a mission to save their friend Lexi, but every bad guy in the dungeon will fuck them if they get caught. Try and escape without getting raped by a monster !

Adult Puzzles

Game description & instructions:

If you like porn puzzles you are in the right site! Complete all images dragging pieces with the mouse and enjoy! There are some different levels.

Pioneer of Krystal: Samus Fuckfest

Busty girl Samus Aran got into trouble. During the space mission to explore the ancient caves, Samus Aran was attacked by evil aliens. They lived in darkness for centuries, and the bright light woke them up. Moreover, it turned out to be males.

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Stepmom’s Revenge

A terrible dumping left Jerry feeling depressed, but his ex’s mom is going to make that better ! The ex will be horrified when she finds out Jerry’s been fucking her mom every which way!

Overthrow The Demon Queen

Here you want to end the war between humans and demons. You go to the Demon Queen’s castle and confront her yourself. After defeating her you get to fuck her. You can fuck her pussy in several different fuck styles.

Fuck Ahri

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